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Article introduction

Han type steaky pork mixes the meal is to compare distinctive a kind of method, its main raw material is rice, steaky pork and acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, still have cucumber additionally, small carrot waits dressing a moment, still Korea pepper sauce is waited a moment, its practice is simpler, taste the distinguishing feature that has full-bodied Korea food and drink quite. Not only mouthfeel is good, nutrition also is pretty good, we will look or steaky pork mixes the practice of the meal.

Han type steaky pork mixes meal

Han type steaky pork mixes meal

Feed material detail

Raw material: Plain cooked rice stay of proceedings of an one bowl, acupuncture needle, steaky pork 1 small, a few of root of root of cucumber smaller part, carrot smaller part, violet wild cabbage (mixed yesterday salad remains) , egg 1, ripe black sesame seed is right amount.

Han type steaky pork mixes meal

Burden: Korea pepper sauce is a few of 1 big spoon, cooking wine, balm a few, salt a few, candy a few, unripe smoke a few.

The measure that make

1, steaky pork is abluent, section, add cooking wine, salt, unripe smoke, 15-20 of souse of a few candy minute, (Can prepare other data) at that time, heat up boiler, add a few oil to slightly fumy, add sliced meat, decoct arrives double-faced ripe coil slightly edge.

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, carrot, cucumber, violet wild cabbage is abluent, cut into shreds.

3, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, carrot, violet wild cabbage, ordinal put the float in boiling water to be ironed respectively, a few salt is put in water, want their scald ripe.

4, boiler bottom, boiler edge wipes a balm, join plain cooked rice to grind smooth (not too close, best leftover first microwave oven heats) , pile up dish and steaky pork on the meal, heat to arrive frowzily have rice crust.

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Practice 2


Advocate makings: Steaky pork 250g, carrot 1 root, celery 50g of 4 root, yellow bean sprouts, rice 2 cups

Han type steaky pork mixes meal

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: Han form is vicious turnip piece hot the root of balloonflower of type of 1 bag, Han 1 bag, laver 1

Condiment: Mix type of 2 spoon, Han bakes meal thick chili sauce bovril 4 spoon


1.steaky pork piece in putting a bowl, join Han Shi to bake bovril souse 15 minutes;

2.Cook rice first, other data is processed in the process that await, a few oil is put inside boiler, the steaky pork with put souse good piece decoct comes face; breaks up after one side is brown

3.The steaky pork that has baked two sides decoct is filled piece reserve;

4.Cut carrot thick silk, celery cuts paragraph of;

5.bean sprouts and carrot, celery paragraph iron ripe; with hot water quick-boil respectively

6.Cut off the power after rice stew is good again stew 3 minutes, uncap falls a little drop in temperature;

7.Fill rice piece in the; in appropriate bowl

8.steaky pork, celery, carrot and hot the root of balloonflower are put respectively to the; on rice

9.Dip 2 spoon mix meal thick chili sauce is put to steaky pork, scatter on laver is broken with white sesame seed can.

Small hang

1.Vegetable can choose; according to individual be fond of

2.Scarcely of Han type thick chili sauce can omit, can lose gust otherwise.

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