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The side effect of antibiotic is very much, after some people were eating antibiotic, can have the symptom of diarrhoea, actually reaction produces diarrhoea, antibiotic to the stomachForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Alvine path disease has acuteness effect, if cannot correct use, may bring about bellyacke diarrhoea, and cannot face the life normally. Our should so correct application antibiotic, avoid side effect. So, how does antibiotic cause diarrhoea to should do?

 Antibiotic causes diarrhoea how to do

1, alvine path bacterium group disorder

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, it is normal that the use of antibiotic destroyed bowel to bacterium group, it is to cause the cause of disease with the mainest diarrhoea. It is normal that antibiotic can destroy bowel to bacterium group, cause alvine path bacterium group maladjusted. Ⅰ is spent maladjusted it is antibiotic restrain or exterminate one part bacterium, and the growth that promoted another part bacterium, thisA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The normal bacterium that created certain position group the unusual change that goes up with the amount on composition or shift, reversible after causing reason take out turn for Ⅱ of normal scale;1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Degree maladjusted it is not reversible scale maladjusted, the bacterium on maladjusted foundation is spent in Ⅰ group by physiology wave motion turns to spend maladjusted expression to be original normal bacterium for Ⅲ of; of pathology wave motion group major be restrained, only bacterium of a few opportunity becomes advantage state gradually. Alvine path bacterium group disorder Shi Yisheng bacterium amount drops apparently, amount of conditional pathogenic bacteria is unusual grow in quantity, protective screen of alvine path mucous membrane is injured, digest absorb metabolization to be affected, bring about AAD thereby. Anyhow, antibiotic makes bowel bacterium group the foundation that is AAD happening and development mussily.

 Antibiotic causes diarrhoea how to do

2, antibiotic interference candy and biliary acerbity metabolization

The use of antibiotic, bacterium of sex of alvine path physiology decreases apparently, make polysaccharide ferments fatty acid of short cable length decreases, be absorbed not easily without barmy polysaccharide, after stopping to apply at bowel and causing antibiotic of osmotic diarrhoea; , make have go the bacterial amount of hydroxyl action decreases, have 7 α especially? Go when the bacterial amount of hydroxyl function is very small, the chroma that causes cholic acid of goose to oxigenate increases, intense exciting large intestine is secreted, chang Jifa secretes sexual diarrhoea.

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3, the immediate effect of antibiotic

Action of the abnormal reaction of antibiotic be caused by, noxiousness can cause alvine mucous membrane to damage directly with bowel epithelial cilium is atrophic, cause a cell inside enzymatic (disaccharideShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Enzymatic) active is reduced, bring about thereby absorb certain antibiotic of; of obstacle sex diarrhoea (like the ester inside big ring kind) it is the excited agent that the stomach uses element to accept put oneself in another’s position, and the stomach moves element to be gastric bowel peptide, antrum of OK and exciting stomach and duodenum are contractive, cause alvine peristalsis change, cause convulsion of diarrhoea, bowel and sickness.

 Antibiotic causes diarrhoea how to do

Infant stomach acidity is low, immune system growth is not perfect, serum immunity globulin and gastric bowel are secreted model IgA is inferior, complement level is low, to outside ambient change is able to bear or endure difference getting power, after use antibiotic incidental AAD[3] . Low embryo age, low weight, low day age to cause new life of be in hospital the critical factor that produces AAD [4] . In addition, the sort of antibiotic, dosage, use time and fundamental disease also are the main influencing factor that produces AAD, immunity is restrained, examination of sex of alvine path injury, traumatic operation, nose raise also concern with the happening of AAD.

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