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Rice wine because aroma is full-bodied be full of multiple effect again and get of people love, but its method that make is paid attention to very, have firm land only according to the pan that choose rice, on boiler evaporate is ripe, mix an outfit altar, ferment, add water to continue to ferment and clarify old wine, these 6 working procedure, ability can make the most authentic rice wine.

This ability is abstain rice wine authenticly to make a method

The 1 pan that choose rice

Choose classy polished glutinous rice, relapse pan a few, clean out blameless oar, clear water immerses. Water layer compares rice layer tower above about 20 centimeters. The water when immersing is warm with time: Winter, spring hour of 15 ℃ the following 12-14, the summer hour of 25 ℃ the following 6-8, soak with grain of rice it is without Bai Xin degree, the summer changes 1 ~ 2 water, make its not acerbity.

Put in a pot for steaming food sail upstream, evaporate drawer overlay a gauze, the boiling that heat water comes have vapour. Scoop up polished glutinous rice put on cloth evaporate is ripe, (about one hour, oneself are tasted knew) , Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Taste the mouthfeel of polished glutinous rice, if meal bead slants hard, asperse some of water to mix again evaporate a little while, fill after evaporate is good ferment in used container (basin of electric rice cooker, soup plastic perhaps, terrarium) , use spoon agitate a few times, cool the temperature to not very hot hand (30 the left and right sides is used in lukewarm ferment, too hot or rice is too cool, barmy of metropolis influence distiller’s yeast) .

This ability is abstain rice wine authenticly to make a method

2 go up boiler evaporate is ripe

Go up boiler evaporate is ripe: , the after rice drop works investment that will immersed has evaporate meal inside a pot for steaming food. In evaporate mealLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Firepower wants when fierce, after giving big steam 10 minutes, lift a lid, sprinkle right amount clear water to rice layer. Again evaporate 20 minutes, meal bead expands shine, inattentive softness, chew do not touch tine, already matured namely, can leave boiler.

3 mix an outfit altar

After rice gives boiler, with cool boiled water even ground is irrigated go up in the meal, will make meal bead won’t adhesion, 2 will drop in temperature, the Wen Jiang that wait for a meal to 30 ~ 36 ℃ do not warm a hand, scatter elegant old rummy song next. If be lumpish distiller’s yeast, need first pulverize is scattered again into pulverous shape, also can put distiller’s yeast into cool boiled water to change another to rise first. Next the distiller’s yeast agitate that puts even. Stay a few distiller’s yeast is stand-by. (with cool boiled water treated easy mix, the meal is already inspiratory certain water, the easier observation is oozy wine fluid during head ferment. Mix when music, want to put a rice, add bit of distiller’s yeast agitate, layer upon layer add, layer upon layer agitate)

Light squeezing ramming of spoon or handle gently is used after installing a crock. Wipe calm surface (can dip in cool boiled water) , make terrace conic model, intermediate extrude caves nest (rise to breathe freely, the action that drop in temperature, facilitate at the same time the oozy condition that observes wine fluid) , scatter last bits of distiller’s yeast inside, enter cool boiled water (the purpose is water slowly outward ooze, can dissolve equably mix the distiller’s yeast in rice, be helpful for fermenting equably) , but water shoulds not be much.

This ability is abstain rice wine authenticly to make a method

4 ferment

The cap on the lid, unfavorable seal container dead thoroughly, because the saccharification course of early days needs a few oxygen, keep opposite close can, put below appropriate temperature (30 ℃ are controlled) , if room temperature is insufficient, can wait to get on container bag with thick towel heat preservation) .

Can check among, look have without calorific, giving out heat is good appearance. After 1 dayShanghai noble baby

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Can taste, polished glutinous rice of the barmy that finish is crisp, have juice, odour scent, smell is sweet, wine flavour does not develop bazoo, (time is OK according to individual taste, time is long, wine flavour acidity is thick, dan Taichong is bad also) , ferment about 24-48 hour, vessel the lid is opened (have full-bodied alcoholic drink sweet became) .

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Add water to continue to ferment

Press unripe rice 1:1.5 adds 33 degrees of clean water of the left and right sides, agitate, seal up for keeping. Like thick alcoholic drink, water adds bit of water little. After holding world, because interior ferments, rice can emerge surface. Because of this every other 3 ~ 4 days, want agitate, wait for rice press next water, build altar shell severe. Via 20 ~ 25 days ferment, the meeting inside altar gives out luscious wine sweet, the meal sinks gradually, wine fluid begins to clarify, the specification ferments primary end. Can open altar to carry right now makings, wine filter compress

Wine compresses after depart, very cloudy, can have begun dip to wear at that time drink

6 clarify old wine

The cocktail party that controls crush out to come continues to ferment, the meeting is bubbly, if think stability is sweet,be spent and wine is spent, be about break down ferments. Traditional method is to boil wine (also call fire broil wine) , we see the broil alcoholic drink of the Hakkas below.

Master of 20 years of brew uncovers the rice wine with old secret to make a method — come bacterium

The friend in the city does not have the condition of this broil wine, such we are OK doing. With stainless steel frowsty boiler heats, about 70 degrees, nature is cooling. Draw-out superstratum clear wine, clear wine puts nature of a month to clarify, go broken bits of lower level wine, hold world.

Picture from left to right it is respectively: Before boiling wine, after boiling drunken, old wine 3 years.

6 notes:

1) . Mix distiller’s yeast must be in polished glutinous rice is fully cool to 30 ℃ later. Otherwise, hot polished glutinous rice killed bacterium. Result or is acid is smelly, or does not have activity. Intermediate temperature is too low also won’t do, distiller’s yeast is not active, miscellaneous bacterium can breed, 30 ℃ left and right sides is best. Still have must airtight good. Meet otherwise acerbity acerbity.

2) . The key that becomes fermented glutinous rice is clean, all things cannot touch unboiled water and oil, can become moldy otherwise long hair, (the unripe chief condition of this and distiller’s yeast is concerned, feculent environment can promote miscellaneous bacterium to grow) . Want first rice of the container evaporate rice, shovelFall in love with the sea

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scoop, ladle and ferment the container of rice wine is abluent wipe, even the hand you is abluent wipe.

3) . Ferment midway (12 hours, 24 hours) can open cap to look (often do not open a lid) , if do not have wine fragrance, rice to had not formed the trend of bean curd piece, bath of the water in can putting recipient 30 ℃ Wenshui heats, make rice unapt be not worth because of temperature and cannot continue to ferment.

4) . The making process of fermented glutinous rice is very clean, so, if now and then discovery has appearance of a few hairy (because ferment time grows too,be sometimes) , eliminate wool, fermented glutinous rice still is eatable. If make fermented glutinous rice overgrow long hair, be multicoloured, estimation is which operation link touchs unboiled water or oil and sordid, be forced to lose.

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5) . Exercise control spends: If ferment excessive, polished glutinous rice is empty, it is water completely, wine flavour is too powerful. If ferment,be not worth, polished glutinous rice has unripe grain of rice, tooth of press or rub against, sweet taste is insufficient, wine flavour is insufficient also. Mix distiller’s yeast when, if water is put too much, final polished glutinous rice is empty, not agglomerate also, boil come loose.

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