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Can make a lot of cate tomato patch, fry potato, scamper potato, the potato that stew is waited a moment, still can put together with tomato tomato patch live suddenly, when doing tomato potato boiling water, because the juice inside tomato is more, do not add too much water as far as possible, if the water of tomato is divided not below the circumstance, can add one cannikin water, the moisture of tomato is bigger, the autumn does not add water, what can assure soup is thick stiff.

Should otherwise of tomato potato soup add water to do?


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The potato section that cuts good skin ahead of schedule (the thickness of potato chips does not have relation) , put into boiler to boil, to make can be thoroughlied cook quickly tomato patch.

Should otherwise of tomato potato soup add water to do?

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After be being boiled tomato patch, when potato chips is pressed with small spoon tomato is joined when breaking piece He Xiaoxiang green paragraph, boil 3 minutes about, add right amount salt and gallinaceous essence of life finally, give boiler.

Should otherwise of tomato potato soup add water to do?

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1, Jiang Shixin lukewarm food, be helpful for preventing a cold, there is more nutrition part in ginger skin, should little flay or not flay, avoid the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of nutrient.

2, the material that fights consenescence is contained in tomato, hairdressing is raised colour effect. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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