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Onion is many people love feed one of capable person, but to the food that onion is special dreariness however for the child, because of onion excitant odour often lets the childShanghai Long Feng forum

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Be overcome, produce ill feeling of be disgusted with to onion cooking then. Actually, onion is very beneficial to the child’s body, for example, onion evaporate water is had relieve a cough effect. Will see cheeper of onion evaporate water you can be drunk below? How to eat best?

Can be cheeper of onion evaporate water drunk? How to eat best?

When can 1. baby eat onion

Relevant nutrient expert suggests: Parents are unfavorable regard onion as baby people a vegetable will add, it is to become the child very relatively full add again after 6 months more appropriate. Specific accretion time can arrange the digestive ability in baby, absorb abilityNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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After having certain promotion. Can add one man to nod appropriately at the beginning, if baby is done not have unwell or it is the symptom such as allergy, can add so. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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But for safe for the purpose of, it is to be in a year old very relatively before unfavorable raw onion, take food to the child again after cooking became ripe relatively healthy.

Can be cheeper of onion evaporate water drunk? How to eat best?

2. baby takes the advantage of onion

Contain inside onion refuse oxidation class status richly, conduce to avoid human body to suffer with many cancerShanghai night net

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invade. Some mammy do not like the peculiar smell of onion, also do not do baby to eat, actually onion has peculiar smell to because they are contained,fight oxide onion in great quantities just about in the center fight phlogistic composition to conduce to improvement the unwell disease such as child asthma, cough; Rich vitamin C can promote human body immunity the system, reduce the bacteria harm to the child; Onion still has fall hematic fat, cholesterol, a variety of advantage such as the absorption of stimulative microelement iron, take onion advantage to the child appropriately great.

Can be cheeper of onion evaporate water drunk? How to eat best?

3. baby eats onion how correctly

When doing onion, parents do not throw away the onion layer outside entirely, leave the one small group inside only, however should whole onion is used, in order to avoid will most nutrient share is missing. The practice of onion is very much, can fry, can make vegetable cake, can regard as distribute food, OK also salad of make it fruit, the way that parents can like according to him child prepares to the child once a week onion big eat.

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