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The proportion that on early table of the Chinese soya-bean milk has is very tall, milk and soya-bean milk are the common food on breakfast desk, the vegetable protein that contains in soya-bean milk and protein are rife, and a lot of microelement still are contained in soya-bean milk, but in come can official holiday drink soya-bean milk?

Come can official holiday drink soya-bean milk?

One, can the female drink soya-bean milk in menstruation? The answer is possible.

Rich vegetable protein still is contained in soya-bean milk, can promote adipose, of cholesterol excrete, to preventing constipation, precaution is fat have very great help, amino acid, the nutriment that compensatory body place needs, at the same time still the cholesterol that makes blood medium maintains minimumShanghai night net

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condition, can let blood become cleaner, remove blood vessel of a bate, stabilize the action of blood pressure, hemal to the head of 3 advanced hearts that modern of prevention and cure sends high disease has very great help.

Soya-bean milk has filling empty moisten the respiratory tract, the result with clear expectorant lung, have a lot of profit to the female. At the same time soya-bean milk also has the effect that enrich the blood, suiting female menstruation edible, average woman occurrence anaemia when, soya-bean milk is more ambitious than milk to the action of take good care of sb of anaemic patient. In the meantime, soya-bean milk still has dark wound of desalt of beautiful Bai Yangyan1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Come can official holiday drink soya-bean milk?

2, what does female period drink the advantage of soya-bean milk to have?

1, prevent anile1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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E of the Selenium that contains in soya-bean milk, vitamin, C, have very big fight oxidation function, can make the cell of human body ” rejuvenescent ” , particularly right cerebral cell effect is the biggest.

Come can official holiday drink soya-bean milk?

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2, prevent and cure cancer (cancer food)

The protein in soya-bean milk and Selenium, molybdenum have very strong curb cancer and the ability that treat cancer, have specially good effect to cancer of cancer of the stomach, bowel, breast cancer particularly. The person that the probability that produces cancer according to surveying the person that does not drink soya-bean milk wants to compare tipple soya-bean milk rises 50% .

3, the female drinks soya-bean milk to be able to be body complement place to need nutrition in period, enhance body strength. Soya-bean milk nutrition is rich, drink soya-bean milk to be able to prevent senile and gawkish disease more, enhance disease-resistant ability, prevent cancer to fight cancerous; middleaged woman drinkable soya-bean milk, can significant shiftForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Division internal system, improve syndrome of the turn of life, still can defer consenescence. Young female is drinkable soya-bean milk, can make the skin white fair-skinneding moist, radiant.

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