Does Ka Erde overcome: ? Ψ  pulls a surname to suffer from pancreas person of lie? Chongqing is more enthusiastic

Exceed 2 times in last year turn when the meeting, gram of heart of Er of card of Brazilian foreign aids joins in with 5 million euro contemporary Li Fan, become the player with top price of team history the upper part of the body. He gives sports season league matches on battle 10, obtain 7 goals 2 times secondary attack. His expression at the beginning of this sports season is immersed in trough, but 7 rounds of league matches erupt eventually recently, 16 rounds hind results scores a goal 6 times 上海同城对对碰交友社区

2 times secondary attack. The sharp edge line of he and Feiernaduo is combined, also be called by fan star of Gemini of Brazil of contemporary force sail.

Kaerdeke has come to Chongqing one year nowadays, in his eye, is Chongqing how city? How does he walk out of trough? How does the much tacit agreement austral he and Er of small motor cost enter the most pleasant stage gradually? Yesterday afternoon, kaerdeke accepted the special report of our newspaper reporter in the club, related the story of he and Chongqing.

Talk about the life to like the enthusiasm of Chongqing person most

Chongqing morning paper: To Chongqing a year many, do you suit to the life of Chongqing?

Kaerdeke: I arrive Chongqing already a year, I and domestic person like this city very much. They very suit, very glad also.

Chongqing morning paper: Went Chongqing what place? What place did China go to?

Kaerdeke: Going out in Chongqing basically is to accompany family to shop, emancipatory tablet and avalokitesvara bridge go morer, suit to shop very much over there. The place that China prefers is Shanghai and Chengdu, still have been to recently 3 inferior, there is beach over there, have the feeling of a kind of home, and in have bit of likeness about.

Chongqing morning paper: Which let Chongqing on one hand are you impressive?

Kaerdeke: Still basically be the person of Chongqing, make me special like. Chongqing person is more enthusiastic, the fan of Chongqing is friendly also to me, their disposition extroversion, be full o爱上海

f passion. So I like this city, prefer the person here.

Chongqing morning paper: Hear you do not take hot course, include chaffy dish to had not eaten, can you try later?

Kaerdeke: I feel this is the problem that a food is used to, my itself is unaccustomed hot thing, serving as professional player to adjust body position at any time just is the most important. Eat too hot if unaccustomed meeting affects match training, have the word of the opportunity nevertheless, below I or meeting attempt.

Chongqing morning paper: Say the large kitchen in your home is met Brazilian food is made in the home. If go,Brazil travels, what to recommend everybody to eat?

Kaerdeke: Yes, our general staple food is fabaceous meal. Rice here search very easily, in Chongqing the bean here and Brazil still have certain distinction, I still looked for a lot of places, looked for the bean with a few about the same mouthfeel, but taste or have a few distinction. If if go,Brazil travels, barbecue of traditional cate Brazil and fabaceous meal must try.

Agree talking about silent often is mixed Feiernaduo plays PS together

Chongqing morning paper: In on half sports season, you have period of time to do not have a goal, this paragraph of time how are you to spend? Whether to feel pressure is very great?

Kaerdeke: Getting hurt at the beginning is more serious problem, acknowledgment drill team supports mine and trust. Fan saw my actual strength last year, they also gave me hope. Pass finally hard, I seek the perception of a goal slowly.

Chongqing morning paper: Below half sports season came last year you, this year also爱上海同城论坛

is begin to erupt in summer. Fan says you prefer summer.

Kaerdeke: (yock) weather does not have an influence, the goal is accidental element actually. Look with respect to me, the compares weather enthusiasticly heat of fan can affect me more.

Chongqing morning paper: Recently a few matches, between you and Feiernaduo cooperate tacitter and tacitter. Several goals are you between two people cooperate to make, go up round of cartoon caricature that club placard also is you.

Kaerdeke: It is very good originality really, I saw.

Chongqing morning p爱上海同城论坛

aper: How is the tacit understanding between you developed?

Kaerdeke: We are Brazilians, it is outside attendant infield very the friend that be close friends, communicating at any time communicate. Feiernaduo is阿爱上海同城

very big also to my help, the tacit sense between both sides is so better and better.

Chongqing morning paper: Besides the match and training, have together at ordinary times?

Kaerdeke: We stay in a village, occasionally I 上海贵族宝贝交流区

can invite Feiernaduo, still other Brazilian eats the lunch in the home, dinner of what. We can communicate the idea between each other with this time.

Chongqing morning paper: Do I hear Feiernaduo plays a football very well on PS?

Kaerdeke: Yes, we can play football game together sometimes. (laugh) before I can win him rarely, but my level promoted recently a lot of, recently is I am won more.

Talk about the match to expect to be obtained Saturday 5 Lian Sheng

Chongqing morning paper: Contemporary Saturday Li Fan advocate field is right a Jiangsu Su Ning, hear of you and Su Ning foreign aids Texiela is a good friend, is there connection recently?

Kaerdeke: Period of time has been contacted, but not be to often be contacted, after all everybody is busier. Besides Texiela, I and rummy Rhys also had played a ball together, they are very outstanding players.

Chongqing morning paper: If our team Saturday can get victory, will create records of 5 Lian Sheng history. Can be you raised to episcopal practice action how to defend they?

Kaerdeke: This respect is tactical secret. We can the reason with the mainest get victory, because we are a whole,still be, resemble a family same, should win next contests with integral actual strength just is the most important. Have for certain to triumphal desire, premise is to should take adversary seriously, hope whole group can have unified cause.

Chongqing morning paper: Practice of Jiangsu Su Ning’s bishop is world name handsome Ka Peiluo, a lot of people like him, you?

Kaerdeke: To the person in football circle, affirmative metropolis understands and adore Kapeiluo this individual. Nevertheless I cannot be his fan now, after all we part in two team of shortly general fight hand to hand.

Chongqing morning paper: The condition can of team says now perfect, your position is better and better also. Next, what cause to have to oneself? The achievement of team whether continue to obtain a breakthrough?

Kaerdeke: I think even if otherwise breaks him requirement, better and better in the future. As to team sports season mention first protect 8 dispute the goal of 6, I still hope to rank of course more before leaning, had jumped over.

Why does our newspaper reporter admire

■ interview a hand to write down


Have ask to answer surely

Regard Chongqing as the Brazilian Gemini star of contemporary Li Fan, kaerdeke’s disposition is optimistic, also be happy to communicate with the reporter, it is a very genuine player. In the special interview process of half hour, his laugh is ceaseless, have ask to answer surely, it is thus clear that he is in Chongqing, in contemporary Li Fan the club passes very happily. In covering a process, kaerdekedide is most is Chongqing fan, chongqing fan loves to his, into the motivation that for him him drive advances ceaselessly. This also is the lovely place of Chongqing fan, before many players that left Chongqing, they up to now still unforgettable Chongqing fan.

Responsibility edits: Su Shiying

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