Before unwell absent surpasses body of white partridge of physical ability of test of 4 days of two battle, rich force trains

Guangzhou daily Huhhot on June 20 report

Sufficient assist cup the 4th round, guangzhou Fu Liyuan goes to Huhhot, with in fight hand to hand of the actor in armour team Inner Mongolia. Ever the Brazilian foreign aids of 3 sports season amounts to effectiveness r阿爱上海同城

ich force dimension, this battle will actor or actress in the delegate a hair enter the court.

Because of airliner incur loss throu上海贵族宝贝

gh delay, rich force whole group arrives at Huhhot already was afternoon 3 when, the training before contest is in afternoon 6 when begin. This battle, jiang Zhipeng did not come to Huhhot along with the team, foreign aids Leinadiniao criterion because the body is unwell, did not attend the training before contest.

Last week day, rich force in the harbor on stadium of more beautiful hill and Shanghai one battle already was mentally and physically exhausted, two matches interval is less than 3 days, add trudge, this battle will be the check of one final examination of physical strength of pair of rich force player. Good news is, full 爱上海同城

back Jiang Jihong has been hurt in more, his as usual attended the training before contest.

League matches of the armour in this sports season, the actor in Inner Mongolia is current with 3 get the better of 3 smooth 8 lose the military successes that accumulates 12 minutes, rank reciprocal of integral a list of names posted up the 2nd, already entered demote area. Notable is, 3 victories that actor or actress in 上海千花网交友

all are in advocate obtain. Actor bishop drills Wang Bo sends a hope to be able to be carried from inside this match at team in brace up morale, help team achieve the goal that maintain level thereby. The advantage of very clear also team is in Wang Bo, he says: Our pressure is not great, after all we have advocate the benefit of field, rich force is mixed last weekend on harbor goes all out very fiercely, rest lesser than us one day again, add Jiang Zhipeng to have, these are opportunities to us.

Rich force is old express Da Weize before contest: Tomorrow is a special match, it is rich force comes to China to my opportunity. This a上海同城对对碰交友社区

lso is first match that I return competition ground afresh, although did not play the game for a long time, but I am already ready. 2014 sports season, he helps Guangzhou rich force obtain in super- the 3rd. Best rich force is the rich force of my effectiveness moment. Da Wei says.

Sufficient assist cup the fourth wheel pair blast

Tianjin peaceful amounts to VS上海千花网

Shandong Lu Neng

Shanghai explain country of beautiful VS Beijing is installed

Henan of VS of Jiangsu Su Ning builds line of business

Shen Xin of Shanghai of VS of Hangzhou green city

Rich force of Guangzhou of VS of the actor in Inner Mongolia

An ancient name for China of Heibei of Guangzhou constant big VS

Suzhou east the harbor on VS Shanghai

Tianjin of Heilongjiang volcano VS counterpoises be good at

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