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Nature of vaginal lens examination is not the category that belongs to an operation, this is examination of a kind of very common department of gynaecology actually, friends of female of this kind of examination as far as possible1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Still do inside time of half an year, can appear in order to prevent oneself so diseases of any department of gynaecology, and cannot be in be informed for a short while, should want to make an inspection regularly more after the heighten of disease incidence of a disease such as uterine cancer and breast cancer now especially, reduce produce odds.

Is vaginal lens an operation

The end that vaginal lens examines depends on: ① diagnoses the pathological changes before the cancer that next reproduction in time, diagnose in time in order to reduce the ② of occurence rate; of cancer former a cancer, early dip inchoate cancer below lens, make the patient can get inchoate diagnose reach period cure, the ③ of survival rate; that raises malignant tumor patient thereby avoids to to issueing reproduction blindly the check of many bits of work that has traumatic sex, be in vivid check to doubtful pathological changes only below vaginal lens, reduce loss already, raise electropositive check to give rate; ④ to raise wet wart of opposite breed path again inferior clinical model diagnostic positive is led, in order to improve remedial result, control venereal transmission effectively, achieve the reproduction below precaution to then the range of certain pathological changes of purpose; ⑤ that malignant tumor produces, make true remedial plan.

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Is vaginal lens an operation

1. has unusual clinical symptom and body to if the vaginal secretion of unusual increase medications,be asked for neck of haemorrhage of sex of invalid, contact, palace is phlogistic long treat do not wait more.

2. vagina cytology is unusual cling to family name smear 2 class or1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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3. is clinical and doubtful focus of a disease is clinical on macrography discovers doubtful focus of a diseaseFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Or cannot the new student content of diagnose.

4. pathology section can issue vivid check in vaginal lens when doubtful pathology section is doubtful, in order to raise the correct rate that pathology diagnoses.

5. is clinical not agree with with pathology clinical diagnose and case of illness is diagnosed when notting agree with, the help dirty that can check in vaginal lens goes out to be diagnosed correctly.

Cancer of neck of the pathological changes before cancer of 6. palace neck, palace is doubtful person.

Cancer of move of 7. palace neck is doubtful person.

8. vagina pathological changes if the property such as vaginal excrescence, tubercle is unidentified person.

9. vulva pathological changes diagnoses pigment of urticant to vulva Sao, vulva change and vulva excrescence property are unidentified etc.

The diagnosis of 10. acuteness wet wartLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Diagnose especially inferior clinical model pathological changes.

11. follows the neck that visit palace after the cure such as pathological changes of wet wart of the pathological changes before cancer of neck of phlogistic, palace, acuteness, vagina, vulva pathological changes, all can evaluate the development of remedial effect and dynamic observation disease through vaginal lens examination.

Is vaginal lens an operation

No-no card

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Vaginal lens examination does not have absolutely and no-no card, its are relatively no-no card lives below lens namely the no-no card of check: A large number of vaginas of ② of; of inflammation of acute of neck of ① vulva, vagina, palace, pelvic cavity bleed neck of; ③ palace is malign tumor.

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