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In a lot of moment great majority the person ignored the heat preservation to the leg, on the body that actually the leg is in a person very important belowA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Half body, if carelessly the word of heat preservation, appear easily after old age rheumatism sex disease. Especially to female friends, the body is original very frail, suffer from windward the probability of wet sex disease will be higher than the male1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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. If a person often feels what can be if is leg ministry algid to if a person often feels what to you can be if is leg ministry algid,cause so?

Why to always feel the leg is cold

Slight rheumatism: ? Because slight rheumatism place is caused,phenomenon of occurrence cold-blooded of crus of? of You of a pavilion or house on a terrace of Huo Suo  is. If the patient is in young when the heat preservation that did not notice pair of oneself crus, the circumstance such as good confinement perhaps was not done to be able to cause rheumatism likely after female friend is giving birth to the child.

Does this world inside body enrage empty weak: ? Because this world inside human body is enraged,the circumstance that Wu? patient appears to always feel leg ministry is cold still is likely too too frail be caused, the body that can make a patient so is special be afraid of cool. Because,also be likely patient body originally very cold, make a patient give the case of now limb iciness thereby.

Why to always feel the leg is cold

1, often hands or feet is icy the harm to the female

Hands or feet is icy can make female menstruation is not moved not only and menstrual quantity decreases, serious word still can be brought about infecund. Female friend is mixed in menstruation postpartum etc special whenNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Period, often appear because of body empty hands or feet is icy symptom, this is normal phenomenon, but long-term hands or feet is icy abnormal, let a person fall asleep hard not only, hands or feet grows chilblain particularly easily still.

2, winter should how bubble foot

To be cold, a lot of people are useful the habit of foot of hot water bubble. Bubble foot is helpful for haemal circulation, but the person that has hemal pathological change wants to notice. The person that has varicosity, arteriosclerosis for instance cannot use base of hot water bubble. Because have hemal pathological change when, with foot of hot water bubble, hemal dilate, blood can not cause hemal loss too. Right now unsuited with very hot bleb foot, proposal water lukewarm control is under 38 ℃ .

Why to always feel the leg is cold

The leg is cold it what eat is good to what eat

1, : of soup of big jujube ginger? Tao   holds particular way of? of scald of ⒑ of  of  of ⑸ of  Tiao Jin is big jujube 10, ginger 5, brown sugar is right amount, drink of decoct soup acting tea, daily 1, insist to take. Via tipple soup of big jujube ginger can improve hands or feet to send cool symptom. Pleasant of flavour of big jujube sex is lukewarm, have the gas of the beneficial in filling, effect that raises blood to calm the nerves, laborious of ginger sex flavour is lukewarm, have vomit of lukewarm break down, induce sweat to come loose cold action, both is operable, can develop ginger Xin Wen adequatelyA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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And row, jujube pleasant is lukewarm and the meaning that fill, what promote gas blood jointly is current, systemic blood also got corresponding improvement circularly, hands or feet is natural also subsequently warmth rises.

2, does Jiang Si explode hotpot: ? Lever of Xing of  of  of I of  of inclined ∑ of Ling cook and stir handsome 9  brags fire of the flourishing since? of bless exuviate exorcise, when staying the oily cigarette that risk blueness, enter Chinese prickly ash, anise, scamper gives sweet smell, enter Jiang Si to be fried slightly, join ovine cutlet to break up fry, join salt, gourmet powder, when giving boiler, drench sesame oil can.

3, the person with easy cold foot can eat appropriately when winter a few lukewarm the food that fill. Can eat the food of a few firm fruit at ordinary times, if the; greengrocery such as walnutmeat, sesame seed, pine nut is like dish of leek, carrot, wild cabbage, spinach,wait for; water fruit to be like apricot, peach, Chinese flowering quince to wait, return the food that can eat a few lukewarm filling sexes more, be like beef, hotpot, seafood kind, 4 gods, polished glutinous rice, unpolished rice, soya bean, beansA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Corrupt, sesame seed, brown sugar. Eat appropriately if a few hot food are chili, peppery, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Mustard, garlic, scallion, curry, be helpful for promoting haemal circulation.

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