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Article introduction

The baby bends over to sail upstream in mom wind solution is commonner thing, this is a kind of kind that darling counts mom, but bending over to sleep to be able to be caused very easily asphyxial, mom should want to avoid to pressing darling, and sleep in the late evening when had better let darling lying to sleep, siesta when can let darling bending over mom wind sleeps. Let us understand a baby to bending over to sleep together now have what profit, and notice what darling cannot bend over sleep.

The baby bends over to sleep in mom wind

The baby bends over to had slept in mom wind

The darling intelligence growth that bending over to sleep is rapidder, but1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Catch up with the darling that bending over to sleep slowly quite. But bending over to sleep to choke easily suddenly, lying to sleep to install devoid anxiety.

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So, want to let darling how sleep after all, ability is can clever, healthy won’t choke suddenly againForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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? Researcher proposal, when sleeping in the evening, had better let darling people lying to sleep. By day siesta or when adult is taken care of, again sleep appearance adjusts the position that bending over to sleep. Of darling sleep the room had better hold proper temperature, humidity and beam, darling just can sleep sweet sweet.

The baby bends over to sleep in mom wind

Bend over sleeping advantage

Fetal abdominal face is inside maternal uterus inside, the coil pose outside back face, this kind of pose is the most natural ego protection pose, so darling bends over there is safe feeling more when sleeping, sleep easily soundly, sleep lightly not easily, be helpful for the development with neurological darling. Bend over sleep to still can make darling looks up hold out a bosom, exercise the big muscle such as cervical, bosom, back and limb group, the development of tension of stimulative darling muscle. Bend over the vomiting that sleeps to because gastric ministry food flows backwards to be caused in esophagus and mouth,still can prevent and asphyxial, eliminate bilge gas.

What darling does not suit to bend over sleep

Suffer from congenital heart disease, congenital asthma to cry, when pneumonic, cold coughs phlegmy the darling with paralytic sex of much, head, and the darling with certain abdominal distension morbid state, suffer from congenital hypertrophy for example the gender is deep and remoteLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Block of door stricture, duodenum, congenital gigantic colonic disease, embryo enteritis of block, necrotic sex, intussusception and other if tumour of ascites, bloodShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, the darling of the disease such as nephritic disease and abdominal bump, do not suit to bend over sleep.

The baby bends over to sleep in mom wind

The benefit that says to bending over to sleep so also is some, if darling suits to bending over,sleep so, that can adopt this kind of postural, if darling cannot sleep so, should not try so, safe after all it is first, still have even if bending over mom wind sleeps, affirmative to treasure Mom it is very painstaking, so everybody do according to one’s abilities!

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